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Marshmallow Varnish
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The world’s best tasting varnish is also the best-priced.

Created by Dr. David Epstein with his team of clinicians, scientists, ice-cream makers, and kids, wonderful fluoride varnish provides exceptional performance and less patient push-back.

Using the top flavoring companies, wonderful fluoride varnish is kids #1 choice. And while our flavors are delicious they are synthetic to ensure we are gluten-free and big 8 allergen-free; Even for peanut and tree-nut allergies.

Our varnish has a strong desensitizing action when applied to dental surfaces. wonderful fluoride varnish may be used on moist teeth and leaves a film of varnish which sets in the mouth and may allow visual control and verification.

Indications - wonderful is a fluoride containing preparation for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity, and for the reduction of post operative sensitivity. 1mL of wonderful fluoride varnish contains: 50 mg of sodium fluoride, equivalent to 22.6 mg fluoride ion.

  • Sensational Tasting : We worked with ice cream flavor companies to make the best-tasting paste in the world. 250+ 5 star reviews can’t be wrong!
  • Applies Smoothly : Our silky formula means no more clumping
  • Maximum Uptake : Exceptional fluoride uptake across a mesh grid
  • Invented by a Dentist : Dr. David Epstein practiced 45 years as a Pediatric Dentist; wonderful is part of his lifetime pursuit for improvement from hands-on experience
  • Gluten-free & Big 8 Allergen-free : Less means more. Remove more additives and families will thank you.
  • Warranty: This product is fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials for 1 year
  • Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back : Not happy? Send it back and we’ll refund you.



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      Patients like this a lot better than other flavors!


      Our patient's love the Marshmallow Varnish! It gets the least funny faces and the most positive response :)

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