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Fluoride Varnish Sticks

The world’s best tasting varnish is also the best-priced.

Developed by Dr. David Epstein with his team of clinicians, scientists, ice-cream makers, and kids, wonderful fluoride varnish provides exceptional performance and less patient push-back.

  • Sensational Tasting : And our flavors are made by the top flavoring companies and ice-cream makers - people who really know what flavors kids enjoy!
  • Applies Smoothly : Our silky formula means no more clumping
  • Maximum Uptake : Exceptional fluoride uptake across a mesh grid
  • Gluten-free & Big 8 Allergen-free : Less means more. Remove more additives and families will thank you.
  • Happiness Guaranteed


Length: 7.97 inch

Width: 8.37 inch

Height: 2.5 inch


Weight: 0 lbs 9.64 oz







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5 Rating
3904 Reviews
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How are we better?

Fewer additives make families happy.

In crafting our prophy paste, we believe in a 'less is more' philosophy. We've eliminated additives such as fluoride that aren't essential. Not only does this decision enhance the taste, it also respects the preferences of families who choose to avoid fluoride. We're all about reducing friction, big or small.

Less patient pushback means no more yuck responses.

We see flavor as a cornerstone, not an afterthought, in our products. Instead of masking unwanted tastes, we aim to create flavors that make kids happy from the get-go. Our goal is a deliciously smooth experience for our youngest critics.

Increase performance by removing cosmetic additives.

We've waved goodbye to artificial dyes and Titanium Dioxide. The unnecessary addition of TiO2 complicates the consistency of prophy paste and damages the integrity of the pumice simply to bleach it white solely to make the dyes look better. With no artificial colors, we simply don't need Titanium Dioxide either. The result is a product that performs better and rinses off easier.

Thousands of happy offices. Read our reviews and see why.

The meticulous care we invest into our products is mirrored in the glowing reviews from dental offices across the country. For us, it's more than just delivering quality products. It's a reflection of our commitment, integrity, and the value we inject into every single item we create.

Read our reviews >

How do we charge less?

Cutting out the middlemen saves you money.

Traditional dental product distribution operates on a complex, inefficient supply chain that increases costs. The significant markups you see reflect expenses such as shipping, logistics, dental reps' commissions, and supply house overheads. Brands sell their products at wholesale prices to dental supply houses, which then amplify the price 2-3X. Because of these inflated costs and the need to preserve their relationship with supply houses, brands can't simply bypass the system and sell directly without jeopardizing their business.

Discount online suppliers are resellers. You still pay more.

Transitioning to online suppliers might seem innovative, but they're still entangled in the same wholesale/retail chain. While they save on some overheads—fewer sales reps, lower administrative and advertising costs, smaller staff—they still need to apply substantial markups for their profit. Brands get a bigger slice of the margin pie, but they're still forced to keep their prices close to those of dental supply houses to avoid conflict.

They fool you. Deals are baked into retail margins.

The lure of deals like 2-for-1 or heavy discounts can seem attractive, but they're often just a smokescreen. Such tactics are essentially tricks to embed higher margins into the pricing structure. In reality, these 'deals' may result in offices paying more when purchasing at full retail price. The initial price is often inflated, so even with a discount or a buy-one-get-one-free offer, the supplier and the brand still secure a substantial profit. It's a clever play within the retail/wholesale framework designed to make you think you're getting a bargain, when in fact, you might be paying more than necessary.

No tricks. Just simple and honest savings.

Our company offers a revolutionary alternative. Driven by a direct-only business model, we minimize overheads and reduce markups, translating to authentic savings for dental offices. Our low margins reflect a commitment to value over profit, the ethos of Wonderful Dental, founded by veteran Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Epstein. Our business thrives not on profit maximization but on the shared success of our partners—dental offices and their patients who love our products. This model, coupled with the positive feedback we receive, affirms that we've cracked the code to a fairer, more effective supply chain.

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