Offices Love Wonderful

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Great flavors that patients love! Ease of flow with fluoride varnish.

elizabeth duell
Great prophy paste!!

Love the flavors!

Great products!

john burgess
Great product!

We love the wonderful flouride and prophy paste. The kids love the flavors and so do the adults.Great packaging. The price is very resonable. We are really happy with the product and have saved money switching to it. Thank you wonderful for your easy ordering and for having a great product! We love it!

Derrik Hartman
Great Product, good price

Our office tried the fluoride on a colleague recommendation. It was so well liked that we also switched our prophy paste. Safe to say you have a fan in Como Park Dentistry. If you want a personal testimonial, check out our website and reach out.

Awesome prophy paste and fluoride!

Great costumer service! Any time I have a problem, it is always set right and everyone is so nice. We love the product too!

Love it!!

We love Wonderful Fluoride!! It goes on smooth and tastes great!

Ann Marie Segrest
Excellent product

The children really like it. It is easy to use. It is a great price. Very consistent product. We are really happy with the product and the ordering and delivery are easy and efficient.

Jackie Patella
Wonderful as Always

Our patients all love the Wonderful products! Wonderful as Always!

Best product for Allergies!!!

My wife has anaphylactic reactions to ALL mammal products, including their milk. This condition is known as Alpha Gal, caused by a tick bite.
Finding the Wonderful products was a blessing for my family. She had a horrible reaction to the supposedly “safe” Prophy paste at our dentist office, so I set out to find something that IS safe for her to use. Not only do the Wonderful brand products taste amazing (her favorite is the mint), they didn’t cause my wife to need a trip to the hospital.
The customer service team responded quickly to my questions about their products and the safety concerns for my wife, emailing me back personally.
I highly recommend this product to anyone whom has severe allergies!!! We will be buying again!
They even sent us a personal thank you card in the mail which was a very nice gesture.

Dane Dudley

Patients love the taste and we love the prices!

Jessica Miller

Our patients love this Fluoride! Very Yummy!!! Every order is consistent. Love Wonderful


all the flavors are so yummy and the patients really enjoy them! The prices are great and the quality is awesome.

Frank Scartozzi
The name says it all

We have been ordering your product for many years and maybe one of your earliest customer. The quality and price are fantastic. Keep up the show, a member for life.

The children love the flavors!

Melanie Brown

Our pedo office was in desperate need of a yummy-tasting fluoride. I stumbled across the Wonderful products and both us and our other 3 offices have been ordering from them ever since! We haven't tried the prophy paste but our kids love the varnish. If you're on the fence about ordering, definitely try them out!

Our Go To Prophy Paste and Fluoride

Great flavors and our patients love them. Wat less splatter than competitors prophy paste. Not too grainy for our little patients. Over all great reviews from our patients.

BEST Flavor Choices :)

The kids LOVE all the options. Great quality and taste!

Alan Booth
Our Favorite Pastes and Varnishes

Wonderful has met our needs as a practice where so many others haven’t even tried. Their product is pleasant to use and to have it used on you, and the variety of flavors ensures that we can accommodate even the most discerning adult’s and children’s palates.
Our only complaint is that they don’t have a topical anesthetic! Then everything in our practice with a flavor would meet the same standard of quality as their exceptional prophy pastes and fluoride varnishes.

The kids Love it!

Patient love wonderful fluoride and paste! Its great for them to be excited on what flavor they want to try at the next dental visit!

Office Manager

Kids love the variety of flavors

Great Flavors

Our kids love the flavors especially the marshmallow!

Nicole Boguslawski
Marshmallow 100%

I just recieved an order I placed and bought on my own. I know my office is more hesitant to try new things. We'll I went ahead and purchased it myself because I love the different flavor, no dye! And the fact it's Fluoride free and breaks up the idea that fluoride free is flavor free. Well today I opened the bag and asked if any of my patients wanted to try it. I had 3 people say yes and all 3 said they really enjoyed that it was a good hint of a marshmallow but not overly sweet like they were thinking it would be. The smell isn't over powering. It's grey in color but smaller particle size. I am unsure if it's fine grit or coarse, I do like to use a coarse grit for many patients. But the patients I used today it seemed to work just fine for their stain! I'm hoping to incorporate more of the wonderful brand into my office, little by little.

Best flavors

Our patients started loving varnish after switching to wonderful. Their favorite is marshmallow, strawberry, and smores.


Excellent Fluoride Varnish. I have tried dozens and this is simply the best for my little patients! Thank you!