Offices Love Wonderful

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Marshmallow Varnish
Cindy Peterson

The flavors are fantastic!

My patients love it!

Worth Getting!

I am very pleased that our patients are very happy with the varnish we got from Wonderful. Our kiddos LOVE the flavor of it. We've tried our varnishes and they were either to sticky or tastes terrible. Our kiddos look forward to having it again. Worth getting. The company is exactly what their name represents "Wonderful" products.

Great product at a great price. Convenient to use.

patients love it !

Mint Varnish

patients love the flavor, staff loves the ease of use !

Bubblegum Varnish
Dr. Josephs

Great Flavor, Nice texture, the kids favorite!

This flavor is a favorite of our most discerning guests and it never disappoints. The kids usually ask if they can get a take-home toothpaste of the same flavor!!! We tell them "we wish too!"

Better the the brand names out there

Yum. That's it

Amazing product, fabulous company and customer service

Good reaction from patients - feels clean!

Our kids love the taste and texture of it!

Our kids love the Chocolate taste. It even smells great while using it.

Adult Mint Prophy Paste
Sandhya Harpavat

Our adult patients love it!

Great taste, Great Price, No weird dyes.

Mint Varnish
deepali Bhanot

All Adults like it.

Strawberry Varnish
deepali Bhanot

Everyone like it

Love this varnish. More importantly, my kid patients love it!

Marshmallow Varnish
Jessica Miller

Our patients love the Marshmallow Fluoride.

Our adults love it too!

Our patients absolutely LOVE Dr Wonderful's fluoride varnish treatments! They all rave about how great it tastes and never complain about how "sticky" it feels. This is huge considering we are primarily an adult practice! We use mint, marshmallow, and bubblegum.

S'mores Varnish
Phillip Baker

Tried them all, and this is the best!

Marshmallow Varnish
Alan Kuwabara

I have been using their products for years now and am so happy! The patients are the biggest test. Before using Wonderful there were the usual distorted facial and vocal reactions to varnish. Now we get the "Hey! That wasn't bad at all!" reaction. And to top it off, the price is so much better than the big name brands. Why would anyone not choose Wonderful?