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How do we charge less?

It’s no big secret our top-quality, sensational-tasting Fluoride Varnish and Prophy Paste delivers well over 50% savings versus the leading brands. Let’s share our simple formula on how we provide such value while never compromising on our quality.

Cutting out the middleman saves you money.

The out-dated model for dental products distribution costs more and is largely inefficient. The high markup that you are paying covers shipping and distribution costs, dental reps salaries and commissions, etc. Dental brands sell their products to a dental supply house at a wholesale price and the dental supply house marks it up 2X-3X. Dental supply houses are simply unable to match our prices because they have too much overhead. Dental brands cannot undercut the retail pricing offered through the supply houses by going direct without risking their business with the supply houses.


Discount online suppliers are resellers and you still pay more

A newer model for ordering dental supplies is to use an online supplier, but this model is still constrained by the wholesale/retail model and the price is the same or slightly less inflated. In this model, there may be less overhead for sales reps, administration, heavy staff, large advertising budgets, and even warehouse inventory costs, but the online supplier still needs to make a profit in the form of a significant markup. Brands like this model because they often get a bigger share of the margin than when selling to dental supply houses. But more importantly, Brands are still bound to selling at a price that is near their dental supply house price or risk losing dental supply houses as a customer for undercutting them.


They fool you. Promotions and deals are baked into retail margins.

Does it make you feel good to get a 2-for-1 special or a 30% off coupon? These are all promotional tricks to get you to spend more. Do you think dental supply houses or brands lose money when they do promotions? Of course, they don’t. It means that the retail price on their products is inflated enough to cover these promotions and still make their margin. Otherwise, they’d be operating at a loss. We all know that isn’t the case. If you are seeing promotions and deals, know that they have big margins.


We have no tricks. Just simple honest savings for quality dental products

Our company was created with a goal to offer top-quality products while providing huge savings to dental offices. Our margins are intentionally low. After 50 years as a Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Epstein founded wonderful dental to give back to a profession that gave him so much. We are more concerned with having every office enjoy better products and saving money than charging the highest price the market will bear. We are a family business that serves offices who share our ethos. Thankfully there are enough great offices using wonderful products that we are able to comfortably keep the lights on even with tight margins. We are a direct-only business with lower overhead that actually provides significant savings. The way we conduct our business allows us to sleep well at night. Our biggest satisfaction is the constant positive feedback we receive from offices and patients telling us they love our products, not from counting all the zeros at the end of our monthly statements.

How are we better?

While all fluoride varnishes and prophy pastes share similar properties there are several individual differences that set us above the rest. Keep in mind that to be FDA(510)k approved all varnished must fall within certain requirements so any varnish touting better uptake or better clinical performance are being disingenuous. .


Less patient pushback means no more yuck responses.

All of our wonderful flavors are kid-tested and approved. Taste is at the forefront of our products and not an afterthought. Where many other brands make a product and then try and mask the bitter tastes and stinging feeling, we first ask what additives can we remove to make this the most patient-friendly experience. In our experience, this starts with taste. Read our reviews and see all the offices that rave about our superior taste.


Fewer additives make families happy.

When we analyze all of the components that go into products we intentionally remove everything that is not truly important to the performance or taste of the product. This is most notable in our prophy paste since we found so many unnecessary additives that could be removed. Prophy paste studies have proven there is no benefit to adding fluoride to prophy paste since the uptake is negligible. Since some families try to avoid fluoride altogether it was an obvious decision to remove it from our prophy paste. Fluoride, in fact, makes the paste more bitter.


Increase product performance by removing cosmetic additives

Beyond Fluoride-Free Prophy Paste, we also removed dyes and Titanium. Many families wish to avoid dyes and we prefer not to use pointless artificial dyes on our own kids and grandkids. Titanium is only added to whiten the paste so brands can dye their paste for cosmetic reasons. Without dyes added, there is no need for Titanium. More importantly, Titanium affects the performance of the paste by changing the consistency. Titanium is a bleaching agent so that the dye color can be more vibrant, but it alters the paste to harden while being more sticky. This translates to a paste that splatters and is harder to rinse off.


More expensive ingredients. Less expensive packaging.

Our packaging is less flashy than the big brand companies. While we do our best with the limitations we have, we don’t waste money on fancy packaging. As with many products, the cost of the packaging is often more than the cost of the contents. We attempt to disrupt this cross-industry norm by minimizing packaging costs and spending extra on better ingredients. The results are better tasting products without glitzy packaging. For our varnish, we also put performance first and for this reason, intentionally avoid tube packaging. It is essential to stir the varnish before applying to avoid bitter taste and a burning sensation. This is not feasible with tube packaging so we do not offer it. We avoid cheap packaging that potentially sacrifices quality or safety, but when it is a question of aesthetics we opt for economical solutions.


Thousands of happy offices. Read our reviews and see why.

All of the thought and care that we have incorporated into our product has resulted in hundreds of reviews from offices all over the country that love our product. Read our reviews >

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