Frequently asked questions

What makes wonderful products the best?

Dr. Epstein, our wonderful team of clinicians, chemists, and kids developed the most sensational tasting and easiest to use products. Our formulas contain the highest quality ingredients and provide exceptional clinical performance.

How come wonderful is so much more affordable?

Since we only sell direct, you skip paying costly industry markups.

Are you safe for nut allergies?

Yes. wonderful is safe for tree nut and peanut allergies. We’re gluten-free. Download our Allergen sheet

Where do you make wonderful? Do you discount?

All wonderful products are made in the USA. We provide the best product at the lowest possible price to every customer no matter the size of the order. No need for marketing tricks, you always receive our great price every time.

Do you invoice?

Yes. Simply choose invoice at checkout.

Can we set up an account?

Yes, We do subscription orders online or you may call Dr. Epstein directly 866.920.4561

Have a question?

Message us and we will get back to you.

Default Title Bubblegum Varnish $65.00 100/pkg.
Default Title Chocolate Varnish $65.00 100/pkg.
Default Title Mint Varnish $65.00 100/pkg.
Default Title Strawberry Varnish $65.00 100/pkg.
Default Title Bubblegum Prophy Paste $30.00 200/pkg.
Default Title Chocolate Prophy Paste $30.00 200/pkg.
Default Title Marshmallow Prophy Paste $30.00 200/pkg.
Default Title Mint Prophy Paste $30.00 200/pkg.
Default Title Additional Microbrushes $5.00 50/pkg.
Default Title Firm Prophy Angles $35.00 100/pkg.
Default Title Prophy Paste Rings $10.00 10/pkg.
Default Title Soft Prophy Angles $35.00 100/pkg.
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