Prophy Paste

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The world’s best-tasting prophy paste has less additives.

Developed by Dr. David Epstein with a top prophy paste manufacturer, wonderful prophy paste is a unique formula with superior properties and taste.

  • Tastes great :  We worked with ice cream flavor companies to make the best-tasting paste in the world. 
  •  Fluoride-free : Studies have proven that fluoride uptake is negligible at the polishing stage. Many families wish to avoid it and it makes paste more bitter. 
  • Dye-free : Dyes are messy. Dyes alter the consistency of paste. Allergen-conscious families requested to cut it out. We listened.
  • Titanium Dioxide-free : Titanium Dioxide is a bleaching agent. This additive hardens paste, makes it sticky, causes it to splatter, and is harder to rinse off. 
  • Gluten-free & Big 8 Allergen-free : Less means more. Remove more additives and families will thank you.
  • Happiness Guaranteed
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Prophy paste

that wows

“By far the most popular paste and best received. The smaller kids keep trying to eat before we can get it to the teeth. I'd say it's a success.“
Mitchell Vaughan

“It was a wonderful experience. Polished nice, minimal splatter, my adult patient absolutely love it! She asked if she could have it at every cleaning appointment!!“
Lynne M.

“KIDS LOVE! WE get YUMMY from all the KIDDOS when we use this product!“
Dr. Stephens

“Patients love the prophy paste and the varnish. Smooth texture and they all smell great. Reasonable prices make these products a win for everyone.“ Jacqueline C.

We only sell direct.
We save you money.

More smiles
for everybody

It’s easy to clean a child’s smile. It’s what dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants do. But to make a child smile when they hear “dentist appointment” is a lot harder!

Kids are often scared of dentists, and HATE the taste of dental products.


Kids need something to look forward to. They need something to get excited about and something that makes their dental visits memorable. 


And that’s why having products with flavors kids actually LOVE is so important if you are going to get them enthusiastic!

Tastes great
Less fillings.

Give your patients something to get excited about. Give them products they’ll never forget.

Our products are perhaps best known for its wide-range of incredible flavors.   

And that’s not an accident - our flavors have been expertly crafted by America’s best ice cream makers, taste-testers, chefs, and Dr Epstein’s 6 beautiful grandchildren!

“This is the first varnish I've used that kids actually love and never complain about it burning or being "spicy." They also EAT the marshmallow prophy paste, it's been a hit.”
Shannon B.


“Everything is wonderful! My favorite taste is marshmallow but my kids love the chocolate and the patients love it all!”

- Dr. Tamara Goodman

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