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What Makes Our Paste Better?

No Dyes

Dyes are a messy additive that alters the consistency of paste

No Fluoride

Fluoride makes paste to be more bitter and the uptake is negligible during polishing. Many families wish to avoid this additive

No Titanium Dioxide

Titanium is used as a bleach. It makes paste harder to rinse off and causes splatter


Costs less

$20/200 cups means industry best quality at a fraction the cost.


Tastes Great

Our flavors are made by ice cream makers

Developed by a Dentist

Dr. David Epstein practiced 45 years as a Pediatric Dentist; Wonderful is part of his lifetime pursuit for improvement from hands-on experience

200 cups for $20.00
Our quality can't be beat.

We only sell direct. We save you money.

Our process is simple





How do we keep our price so low?

No large advertising budget

No costly sales reps


No dental supply house markup

No fancy packaging


Start saving thousands ordering direct

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