Adult Mint Prophy Paste

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A touch more coarse
to fight hard stains


Why not full coarse or extra coarse?

The enamel layer on teeth are a sensitive thing. Coarse paste removes too much of an enamel layer
and this actually contributes to rapid discoloration and long term damage.

Save teeth. Don’t go full coarse.

(even on coffee-stained,
smokers teeth)

We get it,

Adults teeth can get horribly stained and a medium paste might not seem to always do the job. Sometimes you have to break our the firm cup prophy angles and add a little more coarseness to buff clean those stronger stains. We got you covered.


Adult mint is a bit coarser than our medium grit paste, but adding fluoride to paste does absolutely nothing. And why the messy dyes and sticky titanium? Our wonderful formula provides exceptional performance and taste.

We only sell direct. We save you money.

Skip the supply
house markup.

No more middlemen

Stop getting ripped off by supply houses selling you their overpriced house brand, their low quality budget brands, and their exorbitantly-priced name brands. They are the masters of sucking profits right out of your practice and into their pockets.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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