Collection: wonderful-Prophy Paste

The world’s best-tasting prophy paste has less additives.

Developed by Dr. David Epstein with a top prophy paste manufacturer, wonderful prophy paste is a unique formula with superior properties and taste.

  • Tastes great :  We worked with ice cream flavor companies to make the best-tasting paste in the world. 
  •  Fluoride-free : Studies have proven that fluoride uptake is negligible at the polishing stage. Many families wish to avoid it and it makes paste more bitter. 
  • Dye-free : Dyes are messy. Dyes alter the consistency of paste. Allergen-conscious families requested to cut it out. We listened.
  • Titanium Dioxide-free : Titanium Dioxide is a bleaching agent. This additive hardens paste, makes it sticky, causes it to splatter, and is harder to rinse off. 
  • Gluten-free & Big 8 Allergen-free : Less means more. Remove more additives and families will thank you.
  • Happiness Guaranteed