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Bubblegum Varnish
Bubblegum Varnish $65.00 100/pkg.
Chocolate Varnish
Chocolate Varnish $65.00 100/pkg.
Marshmallow Varnish
Marshmallow Varnish $65.00 100/pkg.
Mint Varnish
Mint Varnish $65.00 100/pkg.
Strawberry Varnish
Strawberry Varnish $65.00 100/pkg.
Bubblegum Varnish Cups w/Brushes
Bubblegum Varnish Cups w/Brushes $40.00 100/pkg.
Chocolate Varnish Cups w/Brushes
Chocolate Varnish Cups w/Brushes $40.00 100/pkg.
Marshmallow Varnish Cups w/Brushes
Marshmallow Varnish Cups w/Brushes $40.00 100/pkg.
Mint Fluoride Varnish Cups w/Brushes
Mint Fluoride Varnish Cups w/Brushes $40.00 100/pkg.
Strawberry Varnish Cups w/Brushes
Strawberry Varnish Cups w/Brushes $40.00 100/pkg.
Adult Mint Prophy Paste
Adult Mint Prophy Paste $20.00 200/pkg.
Bubblegum Prophy Paste
Bubblegum Prophy Paste $20.00 200/pkg.
Chocolate Prophy Paste
Chocolate Prophy Paste $20.00 200/pkg.
Marshmallow Prophy Paste
Marshmallow Prophy Paste $20.00 200/pkg.
Mint Prophy Paste
Mint Prophy Paste $20.00 200/pkg.
Plain Prophy Paste
Plain Prophy Paste $20.00 200/pkg.
Strawberry Prophy Paste
Strawberry Prophy Paste $20.00 200/pkg.
Variety Prophy Paste
Variety Prophy Paste $20.00 200/pkg.
Additional Microbrushes (100 Pack)
Additional Microbrushes (100 Pack) $10.00 100/pkg.
Polishing Discs w/Mandrel
Polishing Discs w/Mandrel $85.00 50/pkg.
Polishing Strips
Polishing Strips $60.00 2x100/tube
Prophy Angles Firm
Prophy Angles Firm $35.00 100/pkg.
Prophy Angles Soft
Prophy Angles Soft $35.00 100/pkg.
Prophy Paste Rings
Prophy Paste Rings $10.00 10/pkg.


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