Loyalty Rewards

Being a member of our wonderful Loyalty Team means earning prepaid credit cards sent directly to you.  Save your office thousands of dollars each year by using wonderful products and earn money in return. Join today and start earning!


Points Earned

Join Loyalty program

100 points

On every purchase

$1 Spent = 1 point

Twitter Share

100 points

Facebook Share

300 points

Like us on Facebook

100 points

Follow us on Instagram

100 points

Place 5 orders

1000 points

Place 10 orders

1500 points

Place 25 orders

2000 points

Refer a friend

1000 points


Points Needed

$5 Prepaid Visa

1000 points

$20 Prepaid Visa

3000 points

$50 Prepaid Visa

5000 points

$125 Prepaid Visa

10000 points

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