Polishing Discs w/Mandrel Packs!

Cleaner. Easier. Better.

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What Makes Our Discs Better?

Individually Packed

Remove the possibility of cross-contamination with disc packs. Each pack comes 4 discs w/ mandrel.

Flexible Mylar

Our thin and flexible mylar makes it easy to achieve wonderful results.

Polishes Brilliantly

Our highly consistent Aluminum Oxide abrasive material means simple predictable and effective usage.

Developed by a Dentist

Dr. David Epstein practiced 45 years as a Pediatric Dentist; Wonderful is part of his lifetime pursuit for improvement from hands-on experience

Made in USA

Support an independent family-owned business


Costs less

$85/50 packages means industry best quality at a fraction the cost.


Our process is simple





We only sell direct. We save you money.

100 Individual Packages of 4 Discs
Only $85. Unbeatable Quality And Value.

Save $2000, $5000, $10,000, +more $$$
yearly with wonderful

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