David W. Epstein

David W. Epstein, D.D.S., M.S.D. is a retired Pediatric Dentist in West Hartford, Connecticut.

His education began with the study of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, a degree in Mathematics followed by a Doctor of Dental Surgery and a Master’s Degree in Pediatric Dentistry from Indiana University.

In 1970, he joined the original Dental School Faculty at the University of Connecticut Health Center. He began his private practice in 1972, which has grown into a group practice consisting of five Pediatric Dentists and two Orthodontists.

For more than forty years the primary focus of this practice has been preventive care with an emphasis on active child and parent participation.

After listening to many negative comments about the taste of dental products being used, Dr. Epstein researched the idea of developing both a new prophy paste and fluoride varnish with sensational tastes and superior properties.

Dr. Epstein writes

“My vision in creating wonderful dental:
Our company evolved from my experiences during 50 years of being involved in Pediatric Dentistry beginning as a student, a researcher, a professor at the University of Connecticut, followed by 45 years running a private practice.
I initially created wonderful dental to solve 2 major issues
1) There was a need for better products to make the dental experience more pleasant for children
2) Reducing the price by selling direct in order to save other pediatric dentists money on premium supplies.
This to me was my way of giving back to a wonderful profession that gave me so much. I loved treating patients and I love participating online giving advice and help where I feel competent. Follow me on Facebook or call me anytime.”