Quick Answer Content Opportunities & “How To” Query Optimization

Digital marketing is becoming a critical strategy for dental brands. Digital strategies often change and it can be difficult to know which ones are the best or worth the effort for your practice. A big challenge most dental brands face is the when and how to implement these efforts to grow their practice. Wonderful Dental makes sure to implement best practices in their digital marketing strategy so they can offer their users relevant and authentic information while staying within Google’s ethical guidelines.  Content is a game-changer and creating “how to” content can set you apart. This strategy can help improve your dental SEO and grow your practice.

How to Articles are perfect for Google’s Quick Answers:

Utilizing specific queries that are framed like questions helps both users and Google understand information as quickly as possible in the form of ‘Quick Answer’ SERP types.

The following article answers a single question that surrounds itself around a particular type of query. The question should be asked early in the content piece, answered directly afterwards, and then expanded through any follow up or related questions.

Most articles use the opening block of content to lead the reader and offers very little information. By offering a quick explanation in the opening that answers a specific question, you can still retain the reader’s interest while simultaneously showing Google you can supply the information needed as efficiently as possible. Review this example of an optimized article which ranks for Quick Answer queries:

Example Article: https://www.discover.com/credit-cards/resources/rewards/donate-credit-card-rewards-points

Example Title: How to Donate Your Credit Card Rewards | Discover

Example H2: How Can I Donate My Credit Card Rewards to Charity?

Many credit card companies make it easy for you to donate your credit card reward points and miles to charity. You simply log into your account and click on the “Redeem Rewards” link and then donate your unused points the same way you redeem them for cash or merchandise. You can also call your credit card issuer and donate by phone.

Example H2: Does it cost anything to donate credit card rewards?

Some credit cards waive transaction fees and absorb 100% of the transaction cost, ensuring your entire donation goes to the charity. Other issuers may not. It’s important to check with your issuer and see what fees are involved so you can understand the full impact of your donation.

Example H2: Are Credit Card Rewards Donations Tax Deductable?

If you plan on making a sizeable donation (over $25) with your reward points, there is a chance it could be tax deductible. Make sure to keep your receipt and check with your accountant. Generally, donations in the form of miles are not tax deductible because the IRS considers them a gift or an award from the corporation.


In today’s digitally-focused era, it is important to stay relevant to users with the latest marketing strategies. Not to worry, you have all the resources to market your practice. Partnering with industry leaders like Wonderful Dental can help you learn about new strategies and get ahead of the competition.

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