Optimizing Creative Assets: Infographics and Videos for SEO Benefit

Digital marketing can be challenging for dental brands. Strategies often change and it can be hard to know which ones are best used for your practice. A big challenge most dental brands face is how to implement strategies to improve their presence. Wonderful Dental implements best practices in their digital marketing strategy to ensure they offer their users authentic information while complying with Google’s ethical guidelines.  Getting the word out about your dental practice can be a tough job. We suggest using local SEO for your dental practice to make it easier. These strategies will help you stand out and make a lasting impression.

What is Creative Asset Optimization?

Images, Infographics, & Videos are a great way to engage users and present unique content that position you as an expert in your field. However, by nature these creative assets contain content that is difficult for search engines to read and understand.

Using the following guide, you can make the content of creative assets more valuable to your domain and encourage search engines to better rank pages that contain creative material.

Visual Content Optimization Matters

Naming Assets Strategically

Keywords in Titles

Be sure to include frequently searched keywords in your video or infographic page titles. These may pertain to the specific topic of the creative material such as “taking care of gardenias” or terms like “tutorial,” “how to” etc. Or, these may contain branded content that has search volume such as “reviews of” or “[brand] testimonials.”

Encourage Click Thru

For infographics or videos appearing on YouTube or in Google Image search results, use titles that encourage click thru:

  • Bad example: English Gardening Tutorial
    • Good example: Tutorial – How to Nurture Your Classic English Garden

    Leveraging Meta Descriptions

    The best way to leverage the description elements of a page for organic search is to include either an enticing meta description on the page of your infographic or a full transcript of the video which contains keywords and concepts.

    Alt Tags and Div Tags

    Make sure you include well-optimized and keyword rich image alt tags on the back end of your infographic or video elements as suited for each creative asset. 

    Embed Feature

    To encourage share-ability and potential link acquisition, be sure to include an embed code beneath your infographic or video with a link back to the page on which the asset was originally posted. 


    Encouraging Crawling and Indexing

    Image & Video XML Sitemap

    An XML sitemap specifically configured for your images and videos allows Google to crawl creative assets and include them in video search results.

    “Your sitemap must include the following minimum information for each video: title, description, playpage, URL, thumbnail URL and the raw video URL or URL to Flash video player. Without these five pieces of information, Google cannot surface your videos in our results.”

    Additionally, this type of sitemap can tell Google more valuable information about each asset, such as file-source, duration, alt-tags, view counts etc. Once you have created a specific sitemap using this resource, submit it to Search Console so you can monitor the indexation of your content.

    HTML-based / Crawlable Infographics

    Another method of ensuring creative assets such as infographics are properly crawled and indexed is by creating them in HTML. The page will look, feel, and operate much like any other infographic but after its posted would include a ‘download as PDF or Image or Embed’ resource at the bottom for easy-share-ability. 

    Schema.org Markup

    Schema.org is markup that exists within the HTML of a page’s URL to call out particular details about the creative asset and link to its source, such as thumbnail photos.

    This ensures that when Google crawls the site, it can read this markup and receive organized, easily catalogued information about each element.

    This page on Schema.org is the official protocol for this type of markup. Generally, once this is in place on a video or infographic page template, it can be repeated with no additional effort when a asset is uploaded. This does not replace or contradict the XML sitemap for videos. Both should exist at once.

    For more information: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2012/02/using-schemaorg-markupfor-videos.html


    In this evolving digital era, it is important to stay up to date on the latest digital marketing strategies. Fortunately, you can have all the resources to market your practice. Partnering with industry leaders like Wonderful Dental can help you stay ahead of the competition and grow your dental practice. 

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